We provide specialized Hypnosis, E.F.T & Energy Healing

In terms of holistic treatments, after years of applying it to myself and to clients worldwide, I can honestly say it has moved and changed many lives.

Bringing wellbeing and beauty to those who took the step of opening their souls and minds to their inner capacity, and self-love, whilst believing in their intuition and guidance to start or pursue this process.

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How we can help

Hypnosis or energy Healing can be highly effective to assist with multiple issues or free yourself from some too. It has proven effective on many issues of which :

Illnesses & physical issues : AutoImmune illnesses, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, pain relief, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Post-operation Recovery, etc.

Emotional & Mental issues : Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, phobias such as driving, spiders, or many others. PTSD, emotional relief, Grief, Mourning process, past Traumas, sexual related issues, Food related issues, etc.

Hypnosis, E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Energy healing can be provided on site through the HypnoBus when it comes to your town or by Visio / Distant healing around the world.

Most of our services are worldwide, to clients in Europe and on other time zones such as in the UK, Mexico, U.S.A & Canada, or in Asia.

We offer our services in English, but also French and Spanish.

Regarding the The HypnoBus being on site, and getting to your town, the bus mainly travels in Switzerland and Europe for the moment due to the travel restrictions, but I have this intuition it won’t be long before The HypnoBus finds itself doing Atlantic Crossings.

Group Hypnosis

Relaxing Group hypnosis sessions are available either for Corporate businesses in order to offer Wellbeing to their staff members and create a positive change in the workplace.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression are common themes in hypnosis and energy healing. Resolving the various elements leading to anxiety Disorders, or depression are key. May it be slight anxiety to Panic Attacks, we guide you and are with you during the process. Yes, they are different, however delivery is within you, and we can guide you there.

Stress Management

Did you know that Stress was the common denominator to most of the illnesses and disEases in the human body ? When Stress kicks in and stays around, the body reduces or shuts down the immune system, with the consequences you might imagine.

Couples Reharmonisation

Yes, hypnosis as a couple can be done, and it’s a great service you are giving yourselves. It can help on couple issues, sex-life related, trauma or just growing into a new version of each of you individually, within the couple realm from this session. A gift in disguise every time.

Diseases & Illnesses

Accompanying people through auto-immune diseases or illnesses, or through cancer treatments, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and many other problematics. We are here to assist you, and help you along the way. You will discover more on yourself, and grow during the process.


Addictions are multiple and surround us. May it be to screens, social media, sport, food, sex, drugs, cigarette, or even to our self-sabotaging patterns. It’s all around, and when you feel ready to go through the process of letting them go, for something more positive to you. For your sake, not for the sake of others, we’ll be there to support you.


We offer Professional Hypnotherapy, EFT & Energy Healing Services

Travelling around Switzerland and Europe, the HypnoBus is a nomadic healing bus. We offer our services within the Bus, or in visio through distant healing.

We also provide our services to companies who aim to create a positive and growing wellbeing feeling within their team members. For these sessions, we come to you, to your premises and deliver group sessions.

Our “Tour” is listed on our website and on our Instagram, you might want to follow them and spread the word, we are here to help you be the change you want the world to become.


Get Professional Advice for your Better Future

You believe it’s time for some change in your life, in where you stand and what you believe in. Time to create a new positive change within you, not because you hate where you are, but because you believe you can see brighter days, because you love life so deeply, you want to explore something new.

If you’re into a different, upgraded, expanded future you, by exploring deconstructing and creating a new rationale. you’re up for a wonderful ride. Yes it will be rocky, it might feel like a roller-coaster some days, and like a flat sea on other days, but what’s for sure is what you will explore and discover on yourself will be the most exquisite part of your travels into who you are, deep inside.


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National guild of hyphotists, ihbec, omnifinder, and proud member of Pixels for Health Foundation


Latest News

Here, you’ll see more, some, but not all of what we do. How we tend to help the world one person at at time, with love, care and attention. Because we believe you and I are what makes life worth living.

Healing not self-growth

Why is it different? Healing is not self-growth, some might question this argument, as we are in an era of personal development, personal growth, and spiritual awakening, or might we say a large part …

Why is Self-love crucial?

Binding with ourselves brings love to the table. Self-love grows and spreads, and if you’re willing to take the leap of faith, faith in yourself, the rewards are simply superb.

Facing trauma & healing

Courage & deep desire to face trauma are what it takes to initiate a healing process. The gift is balance and a deep reconnection, with a return to the core being.


Clients Testimonials

Want to know what people have said about us ? how it helped them ? No, no Quidditch, magic wands or spell casting. It’s just the power within, and a deep connection to a transformational process.

Hello, here is some news as promised.

I went from 11° on my machine before hypnosis (where I had a lot of trouble to relax) to 18° after the session (where stress level was much better), and Today I went up to 22°.

Physiotherapy session where everything went well! Not totally relaxed but confident, and the physio was surprised in a good way because he was able to manipulate me and make me bend my knee a little.

My husband was able to touch my knee 1 hour after our session, without getting hit 🙈 I was comfortable.

I am super happy with the results, and thank you for helping me through this process!

Operations Sept 1
Bending of the knee–> 0°.
During 1 month and a half maximum bending –> 10°.
Hypnosis session on October 15
The same day after the bending session–> 18°.
Today, November 3, knee bending –> 60°.

I’m still convinced that this hypnosis session was the best decision I ever made to move forward in my rehabilitation!



Hello Olivier!

I thank you again for this magical treatment last Monday…
I was exhausted when I got home, I took a nap after my meeting 😇
I have continued to feel this tightness on my chest at times all week…and I have bouts of sensitivity at times…I catch myself being on the verge of tears at times for no reason…

But overall, I feel freer and stronger to take charge of my life… And i would like to pursue my journey with more sessions.

Thank you !


I wanted to write you this morning to give you some news. My eye doesn’t hurt anymore and my heel feels better!
That’s great!
I am so happy! Thank you, thank you!



I slept like a baby this afternoon after having had a huge pain in my stomach for almost 20 minutes, I felt like contractions… and I confess that I don’t remember at all the end of the session.

I’ve already mobilized all the energy I was capable of this morning!
Beautiful evening and thanks again 🙌❤️

I take advantage of this message to thank you for having allowed me to pass smoothly the course of this new year, the hour of the assessment was rather complicated, on the other hand the future projects excite me terribly!




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