Healing not self-growth

    Why is it different? Healing is not self-growth, some might question this argument, as we are in an era of personal development, personal growth, and spiritual awakening, or might we say a large part of spiritual ego awakening when it really hits home. Healing is about curing, taking care, deconstruction, it’s about cleansing wounds to ensure they won’t turn sour and start hurting when we… Read More »Healing not self-growth

    Why is Self-love crucial?

      Binding with ourselves brings love to the table. Self-love grows and spreads, and if you’re willing to take the leap of faith, faith in yourself, the rewards are simply superb.

      Facing trauma & healing

        Courage & deep desire to face trauma are what it takes to initiate a healing process.

        The gift is balance and a deep reconnection, with a return to the core being.

        Nurturing self-growth

          Why sould you care ? When we are talking about self-growth, or the importance of this in our lives, one important element is that it’s not about being better, more evolved, or greater than others, it’s about reconnecting with our being. When expanding our knowledge, and freeing ourselves from non-useful patterns, we find ourselves less to not triggered by situations, events, people, because we are… Read More »Nurturing self-growth

          The Importance of Healing

            What are we ? In essence, we are a soul, interconnected to the whole world and consciousness. We are no different from plants, animals, crystals on this Earth, part of a whole EcoSystem which works in perfect harmony. We as humans have developed the skill to have a conscious and unconscious part of our brain working for us, however, physics, chemistry, and holistic medicine have… Read More »The Importance of Healing

            5 Ways to Reduce Stress

              Stress, the silent killer The trick question is really to question now to consciously let go of consciousness which is our analytical way of thinking about stress, and about our issues. Our body is not rational, it is a highly functional energy field, it reacts to universal laws and physics, quantum science and in this, nothing our mental brain can do to figure it out… Read More »5 Ways to Reduce Stress