Facing trauma & healing

    Healing comes in many forms, some see it as a chemical reaction, others as energy, others as something which is done and given by another form of authority, however, please consider that the one and only person who can heal is you. You are the creator, and unfortunately, nowadays, this creation process seems to have been taken away and given to external sources.

    By taking the decision to work with a healer, you are opening your own doors to self-healing, and allowing yourself access to your innate power of creation. If you think about it one second, your cells constantly change form, change, create, are modified, and get discarded, without any external authority. you are a change machine, and the process of healing is one which you travel, guided by healers and therapists, not because they are better and know what you don’t, but because we all have an identity, and your actual form is based on this identity… identity which you are aiming to transform, in order to realign with one bringing you more joy and well-being.


    What is trauma ? many forms are given and opportunities to define them arise constantly, however, the most simplistic form of what trauma is, is an element, event or person having impacted and created a dissonance in your energy fields, body and mind.

    trauma can be complex, such as intense disruptions coming from unfortunate life situations (such as death, sexual abuse, violence, abandonment, etc.), but it can also come from very simple events such as “no you can’t have another slice of desert” or no, you can’t play with your bike because it’s hailing and there are lightning bolts around the house.

    These situations create blockages in our energy fields and in our body, our emotions, and somehow, our subconscious mind stays stuck at this given time, age, or moment, and reacts to it constantly in the future, as an adult.

    So when you fuse, or find yourself in a given situation, it’s not the adult in you who is reacting, it’s you at the time of the initial event, and your powerless attempt to survive and cope with it, which comes out.

    This fuse can come from emotional issues, but it can come out as physical issues, as the energy block can take place in any of our energy fields and bodies as well as in the physical or emotional one. Trauma can suddenly come out as a severe illness, as pain, as chronic illness, cancer, or other forms, simply because the body is trying to cope with the issue as well as it can, and putting things in place to cope or inform that change is needed. The more severe the illness, the more important the trauma, impact and change is needed.

    The healing process

    When you take the decision to heal, it is important to note that you are setting a contract with you, your inner-being, and the healer, and this contract is essential, as it will guide you and help you through your alignment process. As stated above, the healer does not do the work, but opens doors that you would not or could not open as you are rooted in the situation and dealing with the trauma.

    Through Energy healing, the process is guided by shifting the energy fields, and working deep into your various bodies, some are visible, others are not, but we are all interconnected beings, and therefore, by shifting some parts, others move, a bit like moving puzzle pieces. Through hypnotherapy, we work through another door which is accessing the subconscious aspects of your programming, and open up the doors for the energy to flow and create a changing pattern.

    When healing, you will be faced with your reactions, and you will see some change, sometimes minimal, sometimes change comes under a form of others reacting, or situations in your life putting you face to face with unhealed parts of yourself. These are important elements, as you are changing, you are being tested, to see if you dip back into your old programs, or if you are consciously taking action to create change in your life, validating your new programming.

    During the healing process, many people see changes in their environment, or need to create change in it. Sometimes it takes letting go of people, jobs, places, relationships, and sometimes it takes deepening the same connection to reconnect with yourself.


    Shivering, feeling warm, sadness, pain, laughter, love, a lump, feeling physically tense, are all symptoms and signs that our body is sending out. These are all messages allowing us to feel, react, create change & reconnect with what is good for us. There is a purpose… the purpose is for us to be aligned with our body, our flow, and find our balance.

    Being unique has this fantastic property which that there is no universal truth, and as there is no universal truth, there is no universal healing.

    Your body knows precisely what is needed, and the more you trust your intuition, and those parts of you, which you don’t understand, by going for hypnotherapy or energy healing even though you can’t understand them… the closer to your being you will come.

    Companies and corporations can help create change too, by developing a nurturing and caring environment, in which their employees can receive group healing, treatments, or process in a space of healing and change.

    How can I get a session ?

    Well if you’re interested in one of our various sessions, either On-site, remotely or near you, and for companies, we have a specific corporate offer, allowing you to bring awareness, balance and reconnexion to your company members.

    If you wish to know more, just register through our contact page, and book your slot. If it’s the first time and we’ve not met, I’d recommend you book a 30mn free consultancy session in order for us to discuss how we can go ahead, based on what you will be telling us about you, and the blocks in your life.

    Important Medical Statement

    Hypnotherapy or Energy healing, as any alternative or holistic healing, does not replace any medical advice.

    Under no circumstances does TheHypnobus.com recommend not seeking medical advice.

    The entire spectrum of holistic medicine services provided by TheHypnobus.com support the body within its self-healing capacities, however, we are unable to guarantee healing from our Energy healing and Hypnosis.

    Should you be under treatment or followed by a medical practitioner, we highly recommend working closely with them to assist you in your healing process.

    If you are under treatment of any kind, TheHypnobus and all the team are not qualified to change your prescription, reduce or increase the treatment by any means, as this can only be done by your medical practitioner.

    The information, the blog articles are solely informational and are the personal views of TheHypnobus.com.


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