Healing not self-growth

    Why is it different?

    Healing is not self-growth, some might question this argument, as we are in an era of personal development, personal growth, and spiritual awakening, or might we say a large part of spiritual ego awakening when it really hits home.

    Healing is about curing, taking care, deconstruction, it’s about cleansing wounds to ensure they won’t turn sour and start hurting when we thought it was taken care of. Healing is making sure, or at least dealing with the best we can, to cleanse our interior, may it be mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or energetical in order for it to deal with what we are faced with in life.

    Whilst I agree that we can grow with personal development, I believe this to be egotic, and it’s a big name to be better, more, improved, which might ring a bell that we are less, not enough, not where we should be where we are right now. And that to me as a therapist, energy healer sounds like a crazy issue, because it means that without what comes from the outside… we are never enough, until we reach the next level, the next step.

    Deconstruction vs Growth

    When healing, we are deconstructing, and when people decide to work on their traumas, on healing their pain, and suffering, they take a huge step into deconstructing. Yes growth of a flower needs the right soil, and growth of an individual, or it’s cells, need the right biology within, and that takes deconstructing.

    As people start the process of healing, they take baby steps, and then larger steps, and confidence grows, they let go of wanting to control the result, as changes occur, they feel within, without the mind and external factors, that they are creating change in their lives.

    Fuses don’t blow, or blow less, they see patterns, in their lives, in lives of others, and they are not better, or less, or improved, or anything like that, because they feel deep inside that they have just reconnected to a wounded part, cleansed it, and taken care of nurturing it, for it to grow in a safe, and loving environment, which is the self.


    Don’t get me wrong, personal development is interesting, as the mental body enjoys the technical aspects of change, of evolution, however the biggest change comes from healing, deconstructing, and reframing, reprogramming past situations and traumas in order for them to be cured. Once this has been taken care of, great change can occur, because the child within each of us has been taken care of, received love, and the adult version of this child is not bound to the wound anymore.

    It takes observation, acceptance, and resilience, so it basically takes love, to heal and be able to then, explore the realms of personal development.

    How can I get a session ?

    Well if you’re interested in one of our various sessions, either On-site, remotely or near you, just register through our contact page, and book your slot. If it’s the first time and we’ve not met, I’d recommend you book a 30mn free consultancy session in order for us to discuss how we can go ahead, based on what you will be telling us about you, and the blocks in your life.

    Important Medical Statement

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