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Group healing sessions


General Information

Energy healing and therapeutic hypnosis or EFT are essential tools for a return to well-being. Considered as “alternative” or complementary medicine, they are also the very essence of our body, long before the appearance of modern drugs (which have their use let’s not forget).

The return to balance, self-alignment, inner calm goes through the emotional, mental, physical and energetic planes. This connection between body, soul and spirit is crucial to well-being, when we feel empty, anxious, doubtful, full of questions, and when we have the impression that “everything is going wrong” around us.

The Hypnobus allows everyone to offer themselves a personal time-space, from home, thanks to a monthly subscription system giving access to group sessions, remote treatments, which I have been providing successfully for more than a year in Visio and in person. These treatments are given from energetic or atypical places such as the “creux du van” in switzerland, the seaside, near a menhir, a forest, or buildings with an energy that makes me choose them.

On your side, an access to well-being, to calm, to emotional release, with a professional follow-up, by a certified therapist, and someone to whom you can write or ask for an individual follow-up if you feel the need in addition to the group sessions.

Be it hypnosis, EFT, or energy healing or parole circles, they are here to allow you to come back to wellbeing. Be it hypnosis, EFT, or energy healing or parole circles, they are here to allow you to come back to wellbeing. By returning to your pillar of light, your centre, your anchor channel, you allow your body-soul-spirit trinity to come back into alignment.

Benefits of these treatments

Hypnosis, EFT and group energy treatments have many benefits for participants including (but not limited to):

  • Sleeping issues, insomnia, somnambulism
  • Stress
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias
  • PTSD
  • irritable bowel syndrom
  • Chronic pain
  • Stop Smoking
  • Addictions
  • Post-operation Recovery
  • Pre-operation preparation
  • Accompanying Cancer, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and many auto-immune illnesses
  • Problems linked to very strong traumas should be taken care of during individual session, not in group sessions

Specialist: Olivier Borgognon

Specialisation: Hypnothérapeute & Energeticien

Pushing the boundaries of the limits aren’t we Maurice

our Approch

Remote or face-to-face (or hybrid) care given 8 times a week.

Care accessible through internet access, a phone, tablet or computer, and Zoom, Meet or Whatsapp.

Wherever you are, access the treatment from a distance, and if you are close to where I am, join me to receive the treatment in presence.

We offer 8 sessions per week, i.e. 32 sessions per month accessible at various times of the day, allowing everyone to find their own rhythm within their own schedule.

Book about 45 minutes to 1 hour per session, and give yourself a gift greater than you can imagine at this stage.

With the subscription, you can attend 6 sessions per month or 360 minutes, so you can manage the sessions you want to attend as you wish

Let go of a maximum of stress, anxiety, anguish, through weekly sessions.

Limited to 100 people in total between face-to-face and remote, you will all receive deep relaxation and care through your remote connection.

Comfortably installed in the place where you are, you will find the sensation of an individual session, returning at your own pace to your own environment.

All you have to do is let yourself be carried away by the sound of my voice, for a journey of energetic, hypnotic release.

For the talking circles, the groups are reduced to 30 people in order to allow those who wish to share and move forward, and others to feel free to just be present, in order to take the tools or energies that will help them to overcome their current difficulties.


Other Energy Healing

We offer a variety of other therapies, including energy healing and the HypnoEnergy method. Each method can be used individually, or we can work together with our multi-faceted healing method, depending on your individual needs.


The HypnoEnergy Method is our Unique and custom healing process. Using all of our skills, craft and your full potential to connect to consciousness and anchoring you deeply into Mother earth.

We unleash the most powerful and transformative process, according to what your body & soul are ready to “green-light” during this session.

Hypnosis & E.F.T.

Using Hypnosis or E.F.T. we connect to your creative mind and the essence of your being. Through this transformative process in which you are the power of change, you will explore, heal, change, and empower yourself.

Whilst allowing your inner-creative parts to speak up, you will find yourself aligning to a new reality for yourself, and reframing, in order to achieve wellbeing and a balanced life.

Energy Healing

Wellbeing comes from within, Our energetic bodies resonate with what surrounds us and what is within. Channeling change through energy of many types, may it be Prana, Chi, , light, quantum, plasmic and many others.

During these healing sessions, you will receive a soothing, pure love energy, which in turn will allow your body to align, create change & initiate a transformative process.


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