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We thrive to embody the change we want to see in the world. And we believe by changing, growing, and reshaping our patterns and own vision of the world, the world shifts into a luminous state.

By providing our therapy on-site in our bus and remote healing, we believe we are driving change, and the change is within you, not for us, not for anyone else but you, and by feeling so beautifully aligned, the ripple effect will just take place swiftly.


Our Services

We offer various services through our skillset, however our method implements various elements of energy healing, hypnosis and EFT in order to support your growth and change process.


The HypnoEnergy Method is our Unique and custom healing process. Using all of our skills, craft and your full potential to connect to consciousness and anchoring you deeply into Mother earth.

We unleash the most powerful and transformative process, according to what your body & soul are ready to “green-light” during this session.

Hypnosis & E.F.T.

Using Hypnosis or E.F.T. we connect to your creative mind and the essence of your being. Through this transformative process in which you are the power of change, you will explore, heal, change, and empower yourself.

Whilst allowing your inner-creative parts to speak up, you will find yourself aligning to a new reality for yourself, and reframing, in order to achieve wellbeing and a balanced life.

Energy Healing

Wellbeing comes from within, Our energetic bodies resonate with what surrounds us and what is within. Channeling change through energy of many types, may it be Prana, Chi, , light, quantum, plasmic and many others.

During these healing sessions, you will receive a soothing, pure love energy, which in turn will allow your body to align, create change & initiate a transformative process.

Common Question

Why choose us

When you let yourself be driven by your Intuition, your gut feeling, and you put your analytical self aside, you are lead to a destination which have no control on, and on which we wish not to have any. Here are a few points, but we believe they are not the only reason you’re here, and you know it too.

Unique Energy Healing & Hypnosis Combined Method

Classified information guarantee

Worldwide remote services & European On-Site Tour     

Individual and Group therapy and healing

HypnoEnergy Therapy

Our HypnoEnergy Therapy consists of a unique method including Hypnosis and Universal Rays Healing, with a whisk of E.F.T tools for you to take home with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book a session On-Site in the HypnoBus ?

Check our Tour location, and use our booking form in order to book a date on the day we are in your town. That’s the best way to do it. Payment for each session is done via our Online booking system directly.

How do we pay for each session ?

Each session is paid for ahead of time via Paypal, Stripe, or in switzerland it can also be by Twint. Prices are in Swiss Francs.

The conversion to US and Euros is made automatically by the system.

What is your Cancellation Policy ?

Considering our mobility on various territories, and that we can offer Remote sessions and On-site sessions, we consider that these options cover many risks of not being able to make it. We understand that issues can happen, and therefore we apply the following rules.

Cancellations made more than 7 natural days before the session are reimbursed 50%
Cancellations made less than 7 natural days of the session are non-refundable

What if I had booked a Session on-site and can only make it remotely ?

No problem, if your slot is booked, we can work remotely or on-site. However, it is important for you to be in the right spot, therefore you won’t be able to party with friends whilst you’re receiving this therapy. You will need to be present and allow for a quiet, calm environment, and let yourself be guided

Do you deliver sessions in other languages than English ?

Yes, theHypnoBus delivers sessions in French, English and Spanish for the E.F.T. and Hypnosis sessions. For the Energy Healing, no speaking is implied, except for the introduction and pre-talk, and that’s done in one of those 3 languages.

Do you do Group or Corporate sessions ?

Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki/Quantum Touch can be given for a group. Most of these group sessions are generic and work for relaxing, and starting to set change in motion. However we do recommend individual sessions for lasting results and seeing great changes in your lives

I don’t believe in Hypnosis and Energy Healing, will it work with me ?

Should you not believe in it might make things more complex, and we can’t guarantee it will be as efficient.

This is mainly due to resistance to change, and mental blocks. Energy healing, Universal Rays Healing and E.F.T. might be the most adapted options for you, as they work “behind the scenes” and don’t imply you letting go and surrendering to your own self to enter a hypnotic transe.

However, we have had a few customers who had never experienced hypnosis, or didn’t believe in it, for which major changes occurred a few days or weeks after the session.


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