Energy Healing


General Information

Energy healing consists in using the various realms of energetic fields surrounding us. As you may be aware, plants, animals, rocks, minerals, and the universal realms are all technically energy, atoms, or very small elements. Discoveries from quantum Physics, EpiGenetics and neuroSciences are delivering more and more information regarding the quantum Field surrounding us.

Based on these energy Fields, the energetic therapy and method I use calls upon various fields of energy, such as Prana, Chi, Plasmic Energy, quantum energy and calls upon your higher self, your higher consciousness and your spiritual guides. From this field of high and expanded consciousness I channel energy through your body, your chakras, your meridians and syntonise, reharmonise and balance your various energetic bodies.

Healing is usually provided on-site and can be done remotely too. The first sessions take up to 2.5 hours, including the reading of the Rays of your Soul, the following sessions require approximately 1.5 hours.

Therapy Benefits

Energy Healing through Universal Rays Healing, Quantum Touch, and Reiki combined has many benefits including :

  • Understanding some of your patterns in life and growing into expanding your life.
  • Changing behaviour patterns
  • Releasing old and bringing new
  • Pain release
  • Letting go of the past and moving forward
  • Realigning to your inner Self
  • Reharmonising Chakras
  • Reharmonising Meridians
  • Syntonising specific areas of the body
  • Expanding Mindset
  • in-Depth Energetic Release on multiple fields
  • Karma Release
  • Divine Guidance

Specialist: Olivier Borgognon

Years of experience: 3

Specialisation: Soul Catalyst


Our Approach

The energy healing can come in many forms and methods. Healing is self-healing, and our task is to channel all the energies surrounding me, from the fields of consciousness, earth, and elements, spiritual consciousness and your soul in order to channel it into your various bodies.

This channelling of energy, delivering an incredible amount of prana, chi, plasma and photons acts as a catalyst for change. For your highest good and your highest potential, you will find yourself releasing blocks, moving forward in your life, and from small to large changes will occur.

By reharmonising chakras, meridians, energy fields, and rebalancing the body, clearing non-harmonic energies from your field, you will allow yourself to raise your frequency, and improve your life.

We recommend our first free consultation, then from there, we work with you on the issues, and see if you should aim for this energetic approach, or the HypnoEnergy method, or hypnosis. Maybe you already have intuition driving you and then, it will be our guide to lead you where you need to go from there.


Other Therapies

We offer various other therapies, including Energy healing and the HypnoEnergy method. Each method can be used individually, or we can work together with our multi-faceted way of healing, based on your individual needs.


The HypnoEnergy Method is our Unique and custom healing process. Using all of our skills, craft and your full potential to connect to consciousness and anchoring you deeply into Mother earth.

We unleash the most powerful and transformative process, according to what your body & soul are ready to “green-light” during this session.

Hypnosis & E.F.T.

Using Hypnosis or E.F.T. we connect to your creative mind and the essence of your being. Through this transformative process in which you are the power of change, you will explore, heal, change, and empower yourself.

Whilst allowing your inner-creative parts to speak up, you will find yourself aligning to a new reality for yourself, and reframing, in order to achieve wellbeing and a balanced life.

Energy Healing

Wellbeing comes from within, Our energetic bodies resonate with what surrounds us and what is within. Channeling change through energy of many types, may it be Prana, Chi, , light, quantum, plasmic and many others.

During these healing sessions, you will receive a soothing, pure love energy, which in turn will allow your body to align, create change & initiate a transformative process.


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