Why is Self-love crucial?

    What is self-love?

    Self-love is described as the art of loving one self unconditionally, meaning accepting who we are and what we do, the way we do it, as we speak. It’s accepting that we are imperfect, and learn to love those imperfections for what they are. Self-love is love for ourselves, it’s about seeking within for answers and discovering, through exploration, what we can do for ourselves in order to serve and unite the world, just by being us.

    Why should we love ourselves?

    Well this is kind of an interesting question, considering many people in this world don’t love themselves. This comes from society, relationships, our comparison with others and many other trans-generational parts we have within our DNA and our energy bodies. We can only give what we have, this might sound simplistic, but it’s basic physics. Take water, which we are 90% made of. it’s H20. 2 molecules of Hydrogen and 1 molecule of Oxygen. therefore water can’t give Iron or Zinc, as it doesn’t hold the molecules within.

    Same goes for us, if we don’t have self-love, we just can’t give love. So if we feel like we wish to see the world with humanity, and create change within it, we are kindly asked to open our eyes to self-love in order to share it.

    you see, love is one thing you give and don’t loose when you give it. If someone loves you, well he doesn’t lose this love, he can give it to you again.

    How to self-love?

    By learning to love ourselves, we can learn more about caring, dealing with hefty situations, complex moments, and be passionate about what surrounds us. We can also learn to accept others with their differences, for who they are, and for their own level of self-love, without judgment, just accepting what is.

    There are many ways to self-love, and I guess internet is full of options. Observation and introspection for me are key elements, but again, I don’t hold truth, and it’s essential, from a self-love point of view, to decide if this works for you or not, by choice not by need.

    Working on self-love is a path, it’s growth, it’s change, it’s chaotic, it’s a form of deconstruction. Changing patterns, beliefs, reactions, relationships, jobs, location maybe ? But it all starts within. It could be taking the decision to do things for you, to deal with your emotions, to avoid running like a blue ass fly all the time and explore what you feel deep inside.

    It could be going for a massage, an Energy healing treatment regularly, or dealing with your past trauma and emotions through EFT and Hypnotherapy. Taking care of your mind, soul, and energy bodies way beyond your physical body creates major shifts, and with this, your self-love creates space to accept others and yourself… it’s just a beautiful, although sometimes challenging process.

    Self-love to open up to others

    By loving ourselves, we change our perception of the world, and of people. A colleague hypnotherapist and person I appreciate, Carine Grimm in Switzerland shared a post on her facebook on how couples tend to forget to care for the other, not see the beauty and give daily, leading often to separation or divorce.

    Interestingly enough, her post sparked the fact that giving to the other daily is something which comes back to us, and in a non-selfish way, helps us give more by doing it for ourselves.

    So, if you’re in a relationship, and you’re struggling, i’d say one of the key elements is to deal with your self-love, because by doing this, you’ll be able to see love, and explore facets of love, and more importantly, by being and not only by doing or buying stuff, you’ll give the most important part of all, your loving energy, to those you care for.

    What you see in the other, in their flaws, issues, traumas, and what is sent back to you are parts you are to explore, or decline, but through self-love, you’ll be able to conscientise it more, and create space, a powerful space where by being so anchored and in the “here and now” that you can face what comes, and give back even more loving energy.


    By working on self-love, you create a shift in your energy field, you create a momentum, and as it’s all physics and energy, what you shift, shifts around you, and allows for the collective to change too. However, don’t do it in order for the collective to change, do it for you, deep inside you, and let the collective decide if it’s good for them, because it’s not your call. Your call is YOU, and loving yourself.

    Allow yourself to change, to deconstruct, and get the work done if you feel like it. Go for hypnotherapy, for energy healing, universal rays healings, EFT, reiki, and work on nutrition, exercice, and whatever comes to mind, because you’re going to find it so gratifying that you won’t want to come back to the old you.

    How can I get a session ?

    Well if you’re interested in one of our various sessions, either On-site, remotely or near you, just register through our contact page, and book your slot. If it’s the first time and we’ve not met, I’d recommend you book a 30mn free consultancy session in order for us to discuss how we can go ahead, based on what you will be telling us about you, and the blocks in your life. You might already know if you are interested in energy Healing session or hypnosis therapy or relaxation session, and that’s perfect, during the 30 minutes we can book the slot and discuss the process whilst getting to know each other.

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